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Our next concert in the Theatre by the Lake, Keswick

Book a ticket          Sunday 8th December 2019 7.30 pm          Book a ticket

Pre-concert talk at 6.45pm

Sunday 8th December 2019  7.30 pm

Gitarrissima of Vienna

Olga Dimitrova   octave guitar

Réka Mihalovics-Zottmann, Antonina Ovchinnikova

and Katarina Maric   concert guitars

Maksim Jablocnik
   acoustic bass guitar


A Christmas Celebration Programme

Bizet:  4 Pieces from Carmen Suite

Andrew York:  African Suite: Bantu

Shingo Fujii:  Rhapsody Japan: Furusato

Copland:  Hoe Down from Ballet Suite Rodeo

Gershwin:  Porgy & Bess: Potpourri

Shostakovich:  Tahiti Trot
                         Jazz Suite No.1: Waltz No.2

Tchaikovsky:  3 Pieces from Ballet Suite: Swan Lake
                       4 Pieces from Ballet Suite: The Nutcracker



Gitarrissima is a unique ensemble of five young female guitarists from across Europe who have been enchanting a steadily growing international audience with their sensitive musical interplay and virtuoso performances.

Thanks to their unusual line-up – the quintet consists of an octave guitar (Olga Dimitrova), three concert guitars (Réka Mihalovics-Zottmann, Antonina Ovchinnikova and Katarina Maric) and an acoustic bass guitar (Maksim Jablocnik)  – and their original arrangements, the ensemble is breaking new ground in the genre of classical guitar music.

They create a refreshingly original sound which gives a new dimension to popular classical works as well as less well-known compositions. The Quintet is characterized by a wealth of musical colour and an orchestral density which is rarely heard. One former member of the ensemble, Krisztina Groß Dobó is responsible for almost all the arrangements, which combine cleverly balanced voicings with an airy transparency and make ingenious use of the entire range of playing techniques including percussive effects.

In 2014 they won 3rd Prize and the special Audience Prize at the 3rd International Competition for Guitar Ensembles in Aschaffenburg, Germany, impressive proof of their musicality when they excited both the professional jury and the audience with their performances.

The programme will include original arrangements of works by Bizet (Carmen), Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake and Nutcracker), Copland, Shostakovich and others. 

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