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PIVA The Renaissance Collective. A group of 6 players, with 40 mediaeval instruments, and great early music

June 6, 2023 @ 7:30 pm

Measure for Measure – Music from Shakespeare’s Time … Theatre, Tavern and the Court

Eric Moulder (Director) – Renaissance reeds, recorders, early bagpipes, Jude Rees – Renaissance reeds, recorders, early bagpipes, David Jarratt-Knock – Cornetto, Renaissance reeds, recorders, early bagpipes, Renaissance guitar, Jane Moulder – Renaissance reeds, recorders, early bagpipes, Tony Millyard – Hurdy gurdy, Renaissance reeds, recorders, early bagpipes, Mary Mohan – viol, recorders, early bagpipes, percussion

PIVA – The Renaissance Collective will be presenting their popular programme, ‘Measure for Measure’, focusing on the popular dance and ballad music from the late 16th century which would have been familiar to theatre audiences of the day and which modern audiences also enjoy. 

Since forming in 2002, PIVA – The Renaissance Collective have established themselves as one of the country’s leading early music groups and they play throughout the UK and across Europe.  In that time, they’ve gained an excellent reputation for giving lively and entertaining concerts. Playing on a wide range of period instruments such as hurdy gurdies and bagpipes, shawms and curtals, they are all multi-instrumentalists with backgrounds in classical, early, folk and traditional music; PIVA melds all these influences together to create music of the past played for today.

The 6 musicians for this programme will be playing in the region of 40 different instruments!  They don’t travel light!  The instruments are always of great interest as some will be completely new to the audience and audiences are given the opportunity of having a closer look at them during the interval.  They are all accurate, historical reproductions of instruments of the period.