Piva, 7 piece baroque & renaissance

Eric Moulder, Jude Rees, David Jarratt-Knock, Mary Mohan, Kate Moran, Tony Millyard, Jane Moulder

A programme to entertain and enjoy popular and secular music from the late 16th century, with works by, amongst others: Thomas Weelkes, Michael Praetorius, William Byrd, John Coperario, Anthony Holborne and, not forgetting, the ever popular ‘Anon’.
So this is a rare opportunity for the Keswick audience to be taken back to experience music-making 400 years ago … and not just to church music, or music for the courts.
Founded in 2002, PIVA have firmly established themselves as one of this country’s leading early music ensembles. The group members are all multi-instrumentalists with backgrounds in renaissance, classical and traditional music; and in PIVA they meld all these influences together to create music of the past played for audiences of today. The group will play over 40 different reproduction instruments of the period including curtals, crumhorns, cornetto, viol, violin, guitar, recorders, rauschpfeife, shawms, bagpipes and percussion.

PIVA have gained a reputation for their lively performances and entertaining shows throughout the UK and across Europe, so do come prepared to get into the Christmas spirit with them.

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